Heinemann Fellows Work Begins

I have been so caught up in the huge amount of support for my last blog post, that I forgot to mention that I am officially in New Hampshire.  Sitting in my hotel room. About to head off to our first event with the Heinemann Fellows.  As I wrote about earlier, there is certainly a mix of emotions as I get ready to begin our work.  And overwhelmingly, at this particular moment, I am just excited.  Excited to learn from these people, to be inspired by these people, to be surrounded by passion that drives us to better ourselves as teachers and as people.  

I am also incredibly excited to share the learning and growing that I will do over the next few days with anyone who might happen to read the upcoming posts.  I know that when I look back at these posts later, I will see evidence of how far I will have come.  Because right now, in this moment, I know that I can do so much more and I believe that being a part of the Heinemann Fellows will help me to begin to do that.  

So here I go, off to our very first event! 


2 thoughts on “Heinemann Fellows Work Begins

  1. I have a good friend by the name of Tami Ward who is also there with you as a fellow with Heinemann. What an incredible opportunity you all have! I will anxiously watch for and read your blog updates. Tell Tami I said hello!

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